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Adam Prewett - Certified Personal Trainer

Adam Prewett – Personal Trainer

My name is Adam Prewett. I’m a Personal Trainer.

I am also a personal basketball coach and Tennis coach.

I love being fit and helping others improve themselves.  Exercising regularly is very healthy but it can be very hard to remain committed and get results without a coach.  I am here to make sure you reach your fitness goals and together we will conquer this quest.

Fitness and Athletics have been my passion my entire life.  While playing a basketball game, I had a severe knee injury.  During my rehabilitation I became very interested in personal training.  I also decided to study Kinesiology so I could improve my Fitness and to help others by teaching them.

I liked teaching fitness training and sports so much that I got a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Kinesiology Pedagogy.

My passion for health, sports and human anatomy led me to start my own Fitness business. I love helping people improve on their health and physique.

In my spare time I like competing in obstacle endurance races such as the Spartan race or Terrain race.

Adam (center) running in the San Jose Spartan race

Here I am running an 8.5 mile obstacle race

Adam carrying a bucket of stones in the Spartan race

One of the obstacles in the race is carrying a 70 pound bucket of stones up and down a hill.

Adam crossing the multi-rings obstacle in the Spartan race

One of the toughest parts of the race was this multi-rings obstacle. The grip changed multiple times as you monkey-barred your way across.

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