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One day I woke up from a month of knee pain and became really scared. Occasionally in the past I would get knee pain but after a day it would always go away. This time it was not going away and the thought crossed my mind that I was destined to become like all the older people I see in wheel chairs and walkers just trying to function by hobbling around in their intense pain. I decided that I was straddling the fence with either, one chance to fix this and get my body working again, or become a burden to myself unable to enjoy the rest of my life. I chose life and I knew it was going to involve diet and exercise. My diet was pretty good (I thought) so I set my focus on finding a trainer. I knew I needed help because I did not know anything about exercise and I read so many articles about how the wrong exercises can be harmful. I was on a mission and I had to do it fast and I felt like I only had one chance at fixing this.

Lucky for me I found Adam Prewett.

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client Teddy C. training with heavy ball and ankle weight

Great endurance builder As a 911 Dispatcher, there’s virtually no physical activity at work, sitting for 10hr work shifts. I am active in softball, but needed a boost in endurance, as well as working on my body tone. Finding Adam was great! Very professional from the initial contact, to setting up our sessions which he arranged around my busy schedule. [continue reading…]

client Tommy G.
I was referred to Adam by a friend and started training with him in mid-March 2014. My initial goal was to hire him for a short time, only to tone my stomach area, since I workout regularly and consider myself fit. I wanted to look toned when I go to Philippine beaches for a vacation in May 2014. When I got back from my vacation, I knew I wanted to hire him back, and we re-started in June.

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Pom D.I am a middle age masseur. In the break time between appointments with my customers I sat around and ate snacks. Then before I realized it, I became almost 35 pound overweight. I tried to work out and lose weight but it was difficult. After a busy day at work I was tired and did not feel like doing any exercise.

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Thank you very much for coaching my boys. Both of my boys have improved their technical skills since they started taking lesson from you. You helped built their basketball skills and self-confident in one-on-one lesson where they have never learned from any group lesson. In 2013-2014 Winter League, they are not only had become one of the key players but also major contributors in bringing the team to win the 1st place.

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I started working out with Adam in the start of 2013. I couldn’t even bench 50 lbs but after 6 months of training I was lifting close to 200lb. my main focus was to get bigger but adam showed me the importance of incorporating cardio and leg workouts which helped me get bigger and improve my overall endurance.

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John B. - Marine Corps Officer Candidate

John B.

To future clients of Adam Prewett:

It is with great pleasure that I write this letter of recommendation for support of Adam Prewett. I had the opportunity to train with Adam and have achieved the level of fitness I set out for. I told Adam that my goal was to reach a 20 minute 3 mile time. After a month of training with Adam combined with leg workouts and running on all types of levels of terrains, I was able to finish 3 miles in 19 minutes which was better than my previous goal!
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