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I lost 15 pounds in one and a half months

Pom D.I am a middle age masseur. In the break time between appointments with my customers I sat around and ate snacks. Then before I realized it, I became almost 35 pound overweight. I tried to work out and lose weight but it was difficult. After a busy day at work I was tired and did not feel like doing any exercise.

When I started to work out with Adam, it was really hard at first because I had not exercised for a long, long time but Adam constantly encouraged me and pushed me to do my best. At that time, I was really committed to losing weight so I worked out 5 to 6 days per week and stopped eating almost all junk food! Little by little working out became easier than before. The best part was that my friends and customers whom I have not seem for a while told me I look GREAT ! Adam has always been very professional and because of him I reached my goal of losing 35lb.


Pom D.

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